My Pick: Top Destinations I've Traveled To

I have been extremely blessed with the opportunity to get to go travel the world alongside my family and friends, and I am so thankful for that. It can be really hard to grow up with a touring musician as a dad, and not be able to see him for most of the year. Thankfully, we are able to go visit him out on the road--and I learned a lot from it. Now I wouldn't say that traveling on tour is necessarily the equivalent to a vacation in these destinations...most of your time is spend in hotel rooms, venues, on tourbuses, or airplanes, but nonetheless I'm so glad I got to go! So here goes, my favorite places! 


Ok, when I was flying into Geneva I was actually shocked. It was so green, so luscious, with a big beautiful lake in the middle. It's by far one of the cleanest I've seen. From cobblestone streets, to quaint shops, rollings hills and really kind people this one definitely made my list. For some reason I just felt like I could grow old there... it was pretty serene. 



Ok, this one is my other HOME! I was lucky enough to get to spend most of my childhood in Spain as a kid. We lived near Puerto Banus, and Marbella a couple months out of the year, and I will always feel attached to it. A few of the best parts about this place; everyone sleeps in late, eats breakfast, then has a late lunch, businesses close for siesta and then reopen again. We usually ate dinner around 10 and stayed up until 2am or 3am and slept in again the next day... basically just on a different time zone. Now I don't know if EVERYONE does this in Spain, but we sure did and it was amazing. You'll spend a lot of your time at night unless you do get up early, but luckily the nightlife here is very active and really fun. Whether or not you're partial to bull fighting, this is something they are known for, of course it's something to check out and the Running of the Bulls is an amazing event. My all time favorite as a kid, was going to this crepe place near the harbor in Puerto Banus, I can remember the taste even now. This little restaurant has the best crepes in the world! I've tried them everywhere.. even France (which I also love) but none came close to my lil' place in Puerto Banus. Definitely ask around about it, as they've made a name for themselves in town. The beach clubs here are some of the best I've been to, very pricey but you definitely get what you pay for. Clear water, with little fish swimming around, tidal pools... it's a really fun place to experience. 


England-- London specifically-- is most definitely some where I see myself living in. Ever since I was a child this place has been my second home. My family & I visit here almost more than anywhere else year round-- you could say we are anglophiles.  I could name almost all the staff at any of our usual hotels, we always say, "see you soon!" when we leave. I absolutely adore the posh and trendy culture. The vibe is so classic. Charming even. As of late, my two favorite areas in London are Marylebone and Soho. It's always happening, there are seriously the greatest restaurants in these areas. Whenever I am in London... brace yourself, I'm about to rave about my favorite restaurant... I have to get my fix of Kiln or I will leave feeling so unfulfilled! Haha. It's that good! It's Thai grill cuisine, but the flavors are all across the spectrum. You'll get plates from sweet to sour, spicy, all of it. It's a really cool setting where you can sit at the kitchen bar and watch how they cook everything. With how much I love to cook, that is the highlight of the place for me. Of course, I love a good morning run in Hyde Park, or a trail ride-- because you know I can't resist a pretty horse. You can shop just about anywhere and find great stuff, even the second hand stores have some insanely cool vintage pieces. If you want a really good hike or to run into the most adorable dogs you will ever see.. go for a walk in the Heath. You can also see entire city of London from the highest point in the area here. Indian food in London is also off the chart so try for that too while you're there!



Dubai was a surreal experience. I think they have the most expensive airport I've ever been in. The pillars are literally sparkly, haha. 'Must see' would be the Burj Khalifa as it's the tallest building in the world. The view up there is insane! For someone coming from and used to San Diego or Nashville, I was standing at the top and couldn't for the life of me figure out what made this place look so different from anything I've ever known... there wasn't any natural greenery. And if there was they weren't real or were planted, obviously because Dubai is quite literally a desert. The ocean is right there but the  palm trees are fake haha! It took me a second to wrap my head around that. They have the worlds largest mall with an indoor ski resort, and massive aquarium. Definitely pay here to the modest dress code before traveling to Dubai, as they are pretty strict as modesty is part of their culture. Make sure you take advantage of the fact that you can go sand dunning, sand boarding, take the quads out and tear up some dunes-- or if you'd rather take a camel, there's that too. SO fun. Definitely go check out a bellydancing show as they are incredible and authentic. This was there I saw my first bellydance show, and how I got into the art myself. Shakira vibes but on another level!




Being that my Oma on my dad's side of the family was a german jew by blood, Israel is a very special place to me. I never got to meet my Oma but that part lives on when I visit Israel. We usually stay in Tel Aviv, but I made sure I visited all of the historical sights before I started finding all the cool trendy spots. So go see everything you can possibly see on those Holy City tours, even the dead sea. We stayed in a tent in the desert and ate sweet fig drizzled chicken legs, once we trucked across the desert (by camel). So good. The dead Sea will take care of any skin condition. Go rub the mud all over you, and don't get the water in your eyes. I love going on a run down the board walk in Tel Aviv to Jaffa and back. Jaffa has a bunch of incredible restaurants with the best hummus you will ever have. Try the lemonade with mint anywhere. It's a must. So is the fresh bread they sell on the road. Israel might just have the best food out of any destination I've traveled to in the world. That's saying a lot. So go eat your heart out. The beach is unreal. I swear the ozone layer must be different or something because for once, I can actually get a deep tan here. The cabanas have the best food too... and they bring it to you while you nap on a beach front lounge chair soaking up every minute. Absolutely love this place with all my heart!